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states. according to the latest olls, obama has a slight lead in ohio. romney ii aheed in florida and virginia is a deaa eea. pnd president obaaa had a special guesttat the debatt, last night.that's scott van duzer, the pizza shop owner &pwho gaveepresiient obbma aabbg bear hug laat month. thee ppesident nvited him s a &pguest for the fiial raton.the resideettmet van duzer during a campaign stop to big apple pizza in fort piiece on september 6th. coming pp... pe've got your tickets... to see ddsney on iceellstee n ffr your cue to call √°next.√° and these characters ren't quite as nicc... the scares you'll find arounn every corner... hen you visit bennett's're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((bump out)) &p enter if you dare... vampire seekers beware. bennett'' curse is sure to scare the pants off of you. jill bennett from bennett's curse issstreaaing now for &photspott. tell us about benneet's curse?- hat did you dd new this ear? - whattcan we see behiid you? you? - what can we see behinddyoo? 3 bennett's curse runs until nnvember 3rd f
guests will watch presideet obama and governoo mitt romney square &poff one last time. thh debate will be similaa to the first one, with bothhmen standing at campaagns re heavily oth targeting fllrida anddits 29 electoral votes -- the mosttof moderrted by ob sccieffer of &pfive subject areas, with more time devoted to the middle east and terrorism than any other topic. w asked him--with the track record of over reviouu moderaaors-- how intends to keep both men on topic. (what scheiffer planssto do if policy to domestic issues))i issues that ppobabby do impact finances and our sound ntry's financial footinn..i mean if that crrmbles, we can't be a world power. that's a part of our national ecurity, so some pof that mmy ccme upp but i'm going tt try to keep them basically n the news thatts goinggon right now and back to he theme of what is it you see as americc's role in the world." world."this debatt crucial, especially forrpresident obama. the new york ttmes reports mr. romnny led in 7 of 12 polls from battleground ovvr theeweekknd, obama prepped at camp david with senior ad
.. a ally n iowa.. hen on too colorado ... alifornia... and a late-night rally in nevada.romney is camppigning in nevada and iowa. pools showwthe candidates are neck and neck with some key swing &pstates favoring mitt omney.. others president ooaaa. donald trump is gearing u to make a maaor nnouncement today... bout president obama. the business tycoon has been teasing it on facebook, &pttitter and severrl nees outlets.trump... who's been a vvry vocal supporter of mitt rooney... haa been a huge critic of president obamm... challenging the validdtt of the preeident's birth certificate.his announcement is expected to happen at noon on facebook and twitter. if halloween sales are any prediction of who will win thee presidential election... therees a clear front runner: president obama.according to the president's facc are outselling governor mitt of 60-percent to 40-percent. the rrtailer says it has correctly predicted the outcome of eveey presideetial election... using mask sales... since tte year 1996. another popular anotter popular haaloween costume this year?... a binder
of the middle class-romney has cut the gap between comes to who women will vote t pnto the numberrof men who will vote for romney-whaa has to happen in those key states fforida, ohio, virginia-romnee changes his position and can't be trussed ... romnesia-colin &ppowell came out in upport of obamm &p coming up... hurricane sandy... is makiig in maryland. you're watching - local.. all morning. all -3 ((break 4)) hurricane information abouutwhere he big storm is headed...tonnght on fox 45 news at 3 33 -33 - queen anne's countt schools wiil be opening 90 minutee late. 95 at 395 map 3 33 you knoo it isn'' gooo.... purriiane.... "frankenstorm.. "frankenstorm.""ut that's justt the nickname they'vv given barreling up the east coast and heading right for the mid atlantic... leaving patt f death and destruction in her wa. wake..ook at all the streets just litttred with debris &pafter she ragee hrough cuba. wiidd reached 110 miles an the island...leaving hundreds of thousands of peoole withoot bllmeddfor 21 deaths in he carrrbean.some forecastersssay the storm is so massiveethat t
president obama and mitt romney are makkng one last approaches.the president is - scheduled o appear today at rallies in floriia, ohio and virginia... after a stop yesterday ii californiaawhile there... he sttpped byythe tonight show to drive home is latest attack on mitt romney. the former governoo gave an endorrement to indiana senate who created a controversy this peek saying that prrgnancces that result from rape still reflect the will of god... &palthough romney doesn'ttagree obama says: "these various distinctions bouu rape don't make ooomuch sense o me,, don't make any sense to me. me.the preeident's tactii may not be working.a new a-p poll their support ffom en and - women. romnee campaigned in iiwa beeore heading to hio ooaay 3&new data from the census bureau... finds more young adults are moving far away from finds adults ages 25 to 29... re headinggout of staae... to test job maakets in urban areas.tte most d-c... denver... porrlandd.. e seattle and austtn. a new report by "realty trac".. finns theehousingg industry is on the mend.the grrup finds thaa
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5